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Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock (by Mark)

Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock

James Grenning's book (features Unity)

Test Driven Development for Embedded C


A Course to Learn TDD for Embedded!

We've been building an online course for TDD and Embedded Development—now just awaiting approval. Get all the details… Thanks for all your support!


Unity is a basic testing framework. It's portable C, easy to configure, and runs on almost everything.


CMock is a framework that works with Unity to help you create mocks and stubs of interfaces to simplify testing.


Ceedling is a build and test manager to help make testing less painful.


There are other topics that might interest you including smaller projects and more general topics.

Dear fellow Mad Scientist:

I'm truly sorry your plans for world domination have been foiled yet again. I can relate, of course. Though we mad scientists are evil geniuses, it always seems our plans never quite succeed. I'd love to blame it on those meddling super-heroes, but that's really not fair. If I am to be honest, I have no one to blame but myself… the bugs in my firmware are my doing and I must own this.

But there are things we can do about these bugs, right? We can get better at testing. We can write code defensively. We can work smarter and not just harder. We can use good practices with tools to support us. We can learn from and support one another. Together we can write amazingly robust software — even in old-school languages like C. Those misguided, goody-two-shoes heroes don't stand a chance!

So here we are. I have created this site as a meeting place for all the mad scientists of the world who want more from their evil genius. This site is for those of us striving to improve, working to perfect our software craft, so that one day we might take over the world! Mwuuuhahaha!