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Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock (by Mark)

Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock

James Grenning's book (features Unity)

Test Driven Development for Embedded C


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Using with IDEs

Sometimes using tools through a command line just isn't satisfying enough. You want to trigger scripts and tests directly from your favorite editor. Here we're collecting tips and tricks for dealing with some IDEs.

Sublime Text
Emacs - Thanks Martyn!


Using Sublime Text IDE

Support is available for the Sublime Text editor in the form of a package/plugin for Ceedling.
This plugin relies on the standardization of rake tasks and project structure that Ceedling provides.

Sublime Text has now gone cross-platform, with Sublime Text 2. With that change, came an overhaul of the configuration files and plugin API. Refer to the appropriate section below for the proper goods.

Sublime Text 2 (S2)

The Ceedling plugin for S2 can be found at:
It also requires the Rake plugin as well:

Or, these packages can be much more easily installed and managed with Sublime Package Control

Sublime Text 1 (S1)

You can locate packages for Sublime Text 1 at:

The Ceedling plugin for S1 can be found at: