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Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock (by Mark)

Embedded Testing with Unity & CMock

James Grenning's book (features Unity)

Test Driven Development for Embedded C


Dr. Surly

Not a soul knows his true name, nor what this twisted individual did before he became a mad scientist. Some speak in hushed tones about a man so intelligent yet so insane that he invented himself. While Dr. Surly won't confirm such speculation, it does have a recursive beauty to it that surely he must appreciate.

Dr. Surly wants nothing more than to rule the entire planet. His aspirations are surpassed only by his genius. All indicators suggest he has a double doctorate, one in embedded software and the other in mad science. But even he knows he can't do it all alone. He's teamed up with other mad scientists to help fulfill his dreams, though he's made no promises of friendship after that.

You must follow him on twitter at @drsurly #mwuuuhahaha!

Mike Karlesky (aka "Docta K")

The Docta wasn't born an evil genius hellbent on taking over the world. No. But dastardly apostrophication all around him slowly drove him villainously mad. What else could he do but plot for world domination? Docta K sees a new day of beautiful grammar dawning once his scheming finally places his superior punctuation where it belongs. Mwuuuhahaha...

Mike is a lover of putt putt golf and almost useful information. He believes in the power of coffee. He wears super chunky glasses. He juggles balls, clubs, and way too many tabs in his code editor & web browser. His attempts to take over the world with various businesses have each been foiled. Today he toils away in the lab for Atomic Embedded.

He joined Mark and Greg in a bid to rid the world of buggy C code. When not trying to take over the world at Throw The Switch! as an author of its HOWTOs and tools, he's writing about play + technology.

You can follow him on twitter at @mikekarlesky.

Mark VanderVoord (aka "Dr. Twig")

Dr. Twig is driven by a dream... a motivation stronger than honor, more powerful than love, more compelling than fame. He dreams of a world where he can pick up a tub of peppermint stick ice-cream even in the middle of the summer... who says peppermint stick is a seasonal flavor!? Bah! When Mark takes over the world, this will be the first thing that changes!

Mark is a lover of cartoons, programming, and working with people who are Awesome. He spent years perfecting his mad skills, and finally fell in with a gang plotting to build self-guided machines. Though Awesome, it wasn't as successful as he had hoped. After failing to take over the world via an army of autonomous lawn-mowers, Dr. Twig decided he would have to go for a more subtle approach.

He soon met Docta K and the Mad Hatter... and his latest plot for world domination has begun. In addition to being one of the major developers of this site and the tools involved, he's put those crazy comic skills and offbeat humor to good use and wrote a book. He'd really appreciate it if you wanted to pick up a copy from Lulu.

You can follow him on twitter at @mvandervoord.

Greg Williams (aka "Mad Hatter")

The Mad Hatter intended to conquer the world through the power of music. He would brainwash the masses to do his bidding. When he joined forces with the Goddess of Rock, it seemed that his master plan would work for sure. But first there were complications with the special effect. Then the Goddess was unable to belt out her mesmerizing melodies due to a sore throat. His dreams crumbled before his eyes.

Luckily, the Mad Hatter was as intelligent and resourceful as he was creative. He shifted gears and entered the world of technology and bits. A stint with a "big blue corporation" to learn how to properly run an empire, then on to other ventures. Now the Mad Hatter is one of the masterminds behind Atomic Embedded. He uses this as an excuse to hone his skills, the perfect the tools developed with the other mad scientists, and possibly as a launchpad for his next evil venture.

You can follow him on twitter at @barneywilliams.

Sourpuss (the Sloth)

While not technically a mad scientist, Sourpuss is Dr. Surly's right hand... er... sloth. He sleeps 99% of the time, but the remaining 1% is made of pure Awesomeness.

You can't follow him on twitter. He'd only tweet once a month anyhow, though it would be one heck of an awesome tweet.